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Avery Hall offers a number of insurance options for various types of home ownership.

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The more you cover, the more you save. Save up to 20% when you bundle your home and auto insurance policies.

Home Owners Insurance

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The needs of every homeowner are different and your home insurance policy should reflect that. Our agents will create a homeowner’s insurance policy that will best suit you and your family.

Typically, a basic home insurance policy in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia will cover the following:

  • The structure of your home
  • Other structures
  • Personal possessions (up to a set limit)
  • Living expenses in case of a disaster
  • Liability

Supplemental insurance policies are also available.

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Condominimum Owners Insurance


If you own a townhouse, duplex or condo, you have different insurance needs than the typical homeowner. Condominium insurance provides protection where condo associations do not. Condo, duplex and townhouse coverage protects your possessions within your unit, including furniture, appliances, kitchen and bath facilities, and your personal items.

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Mobile Home Owners Insurance

Mobile Home

Protect your mobile or manufactured home, personal property and yourself from liability with the right insurance policy. Avery Hall agents can guide you through the various options available to you for your mobile or manufacturered home that is in Maryland, Delaware or Virginia.

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Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Is homeowners insurance required?

Homeowners insurance is technically not required by law, but if you finance your home, your lender will require it to be insured. Homeowners insurance also provides you with financial protection in the case of a covered loss like fire, lighting, vandalism and more.

What is not covered by homeowners insurance? 

Homeowners insurance typically will not cover water/flood or natural disasters like an earthquake, landslides, sinkholes etc. It also does not cover mold or termite damage. Lastly, any intentional acts done by the homeowner that cause damage are not covered.

Is homeowners insurance included in my mortgage payment?

Your mortgage payment does not include your homeowners insurance unless it is escrowed. It is common to create an escrow account that covers your mortgage and your homeowners insurance.

How can I lower my homeowners insurance premium? 

There are many discounts available to lower your insurance premium. The most common is to bundle your home and auto policies at the same company. You can also lower your homeowner insurance premium by increasing your deductible. There are also loyalty discounts, senior discounts, and claim-free discounts. If you just bought a new home, then you may be able to get a discount on your home insurance. Newly built homes are considered to be less risky because the construction is up to date.

Do I need insurance if I own a mobile home?

Similar to a regular homeowners insurance policy, banks will require insurance to finance your mobile home. Although lenders require it, having mobile home insurance will protect you and your home from potential accidents. Mobile home insurance helps cover dwelling, personal property and liability claims. Without insurance, you would be left paying hefty bills for damages and injuries.

Do I need insurance if I rent a house or apartment?

Some landlords or apartment management companies will require you to carry “tenant-homeowner” insurance.  Tenant homeowner insurance helps cover your personal property, loss of use and liability claims if someone is injured in your rental. Again, without insurance, you would be left paying out of pocket to replace your belongings or for damages and injuries.