Health Insurance for Groups

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Survey after survey shows that the number one employee benefit in the workplace is health coverage. Offering a group health insurance plan to your staff improves employee retention and is the foundation for a quality employee benefits program. For in-demand workers, quality health insurance (in addition to salary), is the top decision-maker when it comes time to accepting a position offer.

By teaming up with Avery Hall as your health insurance broker, we are able to reduce the amount of your time required to research, implement and manage a health insurance plan for your staff.

We offer a number of services to make sure you – and your staff – are well cared for, like:

  • Research and analyze your current group health insurance plan and then survey the marketplace for appropriate plans and carriers.
  • Present to you plan alternatives that meet the benefits and budgetary needs or your company or organization.
  • Define elegibility and prepare the master application, supporting documents and manage your staff’s enrollment.
  • Educate your employees about their plan.
  • Help with open enrollment issues each year and provide documentation such as a Summary Plan Description when needed.
  • Facilitate your group’s policy renewal and eligibility verification with your health insurance carrier.
Contact Susan Brown or Mary Mengason if your business or organization is based in:
  • Maryland’s Lower Shore
  • Virginia’s Eastern Shore
  • Delaware
Contact Terri Charest or Cindy Whaley if your business or organization is based in:
  • Maryland’s Upper Shore
  • Maryland’s Mid Shore
  • Delaware
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