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Homeowners Insurance

If you own a single-family home, condominium, duplex, townhome, or mobile home, you’ll need homeowner insurance that you can trust. Protect your personal property and your family with the right insurance policy. Avery Hall agents will guide you through various options available for your home in Maryland, Delaware, or Virginia.

Car Insurance

At Avery Hall Insurance, we want you to be protected no matter what. Car insurance not only protects your car but also your family and your financial well-being. Contact Avery Hall and speak with one of our experienced agents who can help to customize a program so you can be sure that you’re protected.

If you are in need of comprehensive and affordable home or auto insurance, please contact us for a free quote! 

Home & Auto Insurance FAQ’s

  1. Can I save money by bundling home and auto?

Yes, you can save money by bundling home and auto insurance together. At Avery Hall, you can save up to 20% on your premium by bundling. Not only does bundling save you money, but it also makes it easier to manage multiple policies when they are with the same company.

  1. Is home and auto insurance required? 

Home insurance is not required by law, but banks require it as a condition of your mortgage. Auto insurance is required in most states but only for liability coverage. Liability coverage helps pay for injuries and damages you cause in an accident.

  1. What is not covered by car insurance?

Car insurance is great for covering the costs of an accident. Although it does not cover daily wear and tear of a vehicle. For example, getting your oil changed or tires replaced would not be covered.

  1. What is not covered by homeowner insurance?

Similar to car insurance, homeowner insurance does not cover the usual wear and tear on a house. There are also some perils that are not covered such as flood, earthquake, termites, mice, mold, war etc.

  1. What does a homeowners policy cover?

Homeowners insurance covers your dwelling, other structures on the property, personal property and liability coverage. Liability coverage provides you protection when a third-party gets injured on your property. Dwelling coverage protects the physical structure of your home from perils such as fire, lightning, wind, theft, etc.