How to Support Our Small Business Community

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Did you know that more than half of Americans own or work for a small business? That’s a lot of people!

We take great pride in being a community-centric organization. Avery Hall is always in the small business spirit! Supporting our fellow local businesses and organizations is at the root of all of our decisions.

In honor of National Small Business Week, we are sharing 5 ways that you can help support your local small business community. When you support a small business, you aren’t just helping your community thrive. You are also helping a person (or even a neighbor) fulfill their unique dream and passion!

  1. Share the Word on Social Media – this is a free and easy way to support your favorite local small businesses! Post a photo the next time you visit or shop and tag them. It’s also as simple as liking and sharing their social media posts or tagging your friends who you know would love them too in the comments.
  2. Leave a review- as a fellow local business, we can attest that reviews are everything! We know how quickly you can type a text, so please just take a few seconds to write your favorite spot a review. In a world where so much is digital or contactless, reviews and referrals are more valuable than ever
  3. Shop Small Whenever Possible- Before going to the first massive chain that comes to mind, we encourage you to research some local providers. Avery Hall personally uses local small businesses when purchasing our staff lunches, for all our marketing and printed materials, and our services such as HVAC and plumbers.
  4. Buy Merchandise- Be proud of your small business pride and rock a t-shirt, mug, or sticker from your favorite local shops and restaurants.
  5. Check-in your small business friends- The odds are, we each know at least one person who owns a small business. We are sure they would appreciate you checking on them every once and a while to see who they are doing or how you could best support them at that time!

We hope you join us in celebrating all the fantastic local businesses in Delmarva!
Check out the City of Salisbury’s Shop Local campaign to learn more about supporting locally-owned small business, including some of our Downtown neighbors:

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