What Flood Zone Am I In?

what flood zone am i in

Many believe that they need to live in a high-risk area to be affected by flooding. This is not the case. 25% of all flood claims come from moderate to low risk areas.

What is a flood map?

A flood map shows your community’s risk for flooding. No matter where you live, there is always some risk of flooding occurring. FEMA’s flood maps also show flood risk variables like flood frequency and the different flood types like storm surge, coastal erosion and river overflow.

How can I find what flood zone I am in?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a flood map that allows you to search for what flood zone you are in. You simply search your address on FEMA’s flood map service center and your flood zone and home risk levels will appear. Your state may also have their own flood maps you can utilize as well.

Click here to go to FEMA’s flood map website.

What are the different flood zones?

Once you know your flood zone, it’s important to understand what it means. There are three main designations for flood zones.

  1. Moderate to Low-Risk Areas – These zones are denoted with a ‘B,’ ‘C,’ or ‘X.’ According to FEMA, homes in these areas are five times more likely to experience a flood than a fire over the next 30 years. Moderate flood areas (‘B’ or ‘X’ shaded) are between the limits of 100-year to 500-year floods. Low-risk areas (‘C’ or ‘X’ unshaded) have minimal flood hazards and may be susceptible to ponding and local drainage problems. Flood insurance is recommended for these areas
  2. High Risk Areas – The zones begin with an ‘A’ or ‘Z’. Flood insurance is often mandatory if you live in either of these zones. These zones typically have an annual 1% chance of flooding with a 26% chance of flooding over a 30-year mortgage. Zone ‘Z’ is specially for high risk coastal areas. Coastal areas have an additional hazard associated with storm waves.
  3. Undetermined Risk Areas – This means flood is possible but the risk is undetermined. Insurers rates reflect the uncertainty of risk in these areas.

Floods can happen anywhere, anytime. Make sure you are protected when you need it most. Contact one of our experienced agents today at 410-742-5111 to learn more about our flood insurance options.

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