How Can I Save On My Farm Insurance?

Farm Tractor

Taking care of your farm is just like running a business—although the work may look a little different than an office setting, the success of an agribusiness is still dependent on profit. Keeping expenses low can help keep your revenue in your pockets, but a major disruption like a claim filed against you can turn your profit into a big insurance bill.

Here are some tips on how you can save on your farm insurance:

Do your due diligence:

Make safety a part of your business principles:

  • Make safety and loss prevention a part of your daily routine
  • Educate your employees on best safety practices, as well as any visitors at your farm
  • Display your farm name and contact information on your company vehicles and encourage other drivers to call if they witness unsafe driving habits

If an accident does happen, follow-through:

  • A claim gets more expensive the longer it goes unreported, so be sure to report a claim within 24 hours to keep your costs as low as possible.
  • Review each accident thoroughly, and use it as a learning tool for yourself and your employees on how to improve safety practices
Farm Silos

One simple way to make sure a claim doesn’t drain your farm’s profit is to make sure your agribusiness is covered, year after year. Contact an Avery Hall agent to go through any changes you have made to your farm and update your policies to include new equipment, employees, and structures. Request a quote easily on our website or contact our Salisbury office directly at 410-742-5111.

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