What is covered by farm owner’s insurance?

Is your farm both your home and your business? If you answered yes, you most likely need farm owner’s insurance. If your farm is strictly commercial, you certainly need farm owner’s insurance.

So, what is farm owner’s insurance? It is a mix of coverages providing you with the protection of your machinery, home, livestock, buildings, and even liability.  There are two main coverages that apply to farm owner’s insurance, and these are dwelling and liability.


Protection against extreme weather events and theft.


Protection of any loss caused by injury, damage to another property, or any event you are held responsible for.

While every farm is different, these are the main components within a farm owner’s insurance policy. However, there is no standard policy. It is always best to discuss with your agent to make sure your policy adequately fits you and your farm’s needs.

To better determine what coverage your farm may need, here are a few different factors that must be considered.

  1. What is your farm’s industry? Livestock, dairy, or crops?
  2. How many livestock are on the farm?
  3. Do you have a pond or pool on the property?
  4. How many acres is your farm?
  5. Do you own any additional farms?
  6. Do you have any rental properties on the premise?
  7. Do you have employees working on the farm?

These are just a few of the questions that you should answer. Your agent can address any other possible factors that cause you to need additional coverages.

Farm owner’s insurance is necessary, especially if you love what you do every day. Forget the stress and protect yourself and your most valuable assets.

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