Dental Insurance for College Students: The Cost of Neglecting Your Oral Health

dental insurance for college students

As a student in college, you’re probably prepared to rack up some debt. The cost of living, tuition, and day-to-day bills that your parents used to pay has now fallen on your shoulders, and it can feel like a heavy burden. Between money worries and academic pressure, going to the dentist may be the last thing on your mind. But proper care and dental insurance for college students is critical, not only for the sake of your health but financial reasons as well.

Your dental health is an investment.

You don’t need to be a business major to know that an investment is something you put a small sum of funds into now, for a big payoff later. If taken care of properly, your teeth can last a lifetime without any high costs.

However, if you neglect your dental health when you’re young, it can cost you big when you’re older. You could avoid hundreds and thousands of dollars that can go into invasive procedures later in life if you stay vigilant about your dental health now.

Insurance keeps out-of-pocket costs low.

Even if you’ve never had a cavity, you’re going to need to take a trip to the dentist’s office eventually. If you don’t have insurance protection when you do, that single trip to the dentist can quickly drain an entire paycheck or more. As a student, you have plenty of costs to worry about. Why not lower the ones that you can?

The small copay that your insurance requires may seem like a lot, but how does $288 sound? That’s the average cost of a routine dental examination without insurance. Simple procedures in both dental and visual health can become significant costs without insurance coverage.

Taking care of your teeth means taking care of yourself.

Good dental health is an act of self-care and can help keep your entire body safe. If you’re active in sports, checking your teeth and jaw alignment can save you from injuries that could put you on the bench for the rest of the season. If you have lip or tongue piercings, a routine trip to the dentist can reduce your risk of chipping a tooth, injuring your gums, or even suffering nerve damage.

Dental issues that go unchecked for an extended period can cause infection, tooth loss, or even heart disease, stroke, or pneumonia.

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Visiting the dentist may be inconvenient, but not visiting the dentist can be catastrophic. Make taking care of your health easier by getting a dental insurance policy while still in college.

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