What are the consequences of not having dental and vision insurance?

Around 108 million Americans do not have dental or vision insurance. You may fear the dentist or hate the idea of paying for it. However, the cost of not having it is far more impactful than a simple copay or premiums.

Here are some examples of average costs for dental procedures without insurance.

  1. Dental examinations: $288.00
  2. Fillings: $50.00 – $150.00
  3. Tooth Extraction: $75.00- $300.00
  4. Crowns: $328.00
  5. Root Canal: $120.00

Vision insurance works the same. Without it, the costs will come out of pocket. Here are some of the averages for vision.

  1. Eye exam: $154.00
  2. Eyeglass frames: $159.00
  3. Eyeglass lenses: $86.00
  4. Lens Enhancements: $268.00

You may also think that dental and vision insurance are not necessary. However, your oral and eye health are just as important as anything else.

Poor oral health can lead to many diseases that are unrelated, such as cardiovascular disease, a stroke, and even pneumonia. Good vision is critical to living a healthy and clear life.

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