What is not covered under Umbrella Insurance

The holiday season is officially among us! There is so much we love about this time of year, but the traffic is not one of them. With all the hustle and bustle, it feels like everyone in town is out on the road. Though there are some drivers more distracted than others, we aren’t perfect either. As we try and juggle our never-ending shopping lists, pay attention to the road, and handle the sugar rushed kiddos in the back seat, we can all get a little distracted while driving. It only takes a second with your eyes off the road for an accident to happen. Chances are, it could be your fault.

An umbrella policy can be extremely beneficial to have, especially this time of year. It has the potential to help protect your savings and assets; however, you should know when that coverage kicks in.

In case you are unsure, an umbrella policy is a form of additional liability coverage. These policies are optional but are great tools in supporting general liability insurance policies such as auto and home. Umbrella policy coverages will apply in situations where you or a family member are responsible for damages — for example, being liable for a car accident or when someone is suing you.

Let’s explore when an umbrella policy cannot cover you.

Umbrella insurance does not include any of your costs- for example, injuries or damages to you or your personal belongings. It also does not include any illegal activities or damages and injuries due to using uncovered equipment such as recreational vehicles. Attention, business owners, an umbrella policy is not transferable. It will not cover your business. Therefore, it will not cover the injuries or damages to people or property that occur under the responsibility or supervision of your company. Your company may want to consider buying a separate umbrella policy for that reason.

Keep in mind if your regular insurance policy has specific exclusions, an umbrella policy may not cover them.

In shorter terms, when you are responsible, so is your umbrella policy.

Here are a few examples as to when coverage may apply:

  1. The other party’s medical expenses or funeral costs.
  2. Your legal defense costs.
  3. Slander or defamation lawsuits.

Don’t take a brutal hit to your budget this holiday season. An umbrella insurance policy could help you and other families this holiday season.

Call your local Avery Hall experts to learn more about the umbrella insurance policy opportunities waiting for you.

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