What is Disability Insurance?

What would happen if your paychecks just stopped? Can you afford to go, potentially, weeks without pay? Most people can’t. Your income influences and supports every decision you make, from the type of green beans you buy, how often you go on impromptu ice cream date, to things as large as your home, your car, your savings and your life in general.

Unfortunately, it is at times when we are the most vulnerable and potentially unable that we often have to face life-altering decisions. As you are falling behind and need nothing but rest, life will continue to zoom past you. Everything is at risk.

Save yourself and your family from the stress and fear of what is going to happen if you suddenly get ill or injured by learning more about Priority Income Protection.

A Priority Income Protection policy will give you monthly financial security by providing monthly benefits for as long as you may need, up until the age of 65.

There is no need to wonder if this coverage is meant for you because Priority Income Protection (PIP) policies are available and provided to workers of all occupations.

Your benefits will begin after you have completed a waiting period. If you are unable to work due to an accident, the waiting, or elimination, the period is 30 days. The elimination period is extended to 90 days if you are unable to work due to illness. Keep in mind; Disability Income Insurance will only provide coverage if your injury or illness is not caused by or related to your employment.

Other things you should know about PIP are how much your policy will pay and the potential for product combinations. PIP can pay up to 70 percent of your net income or a maximum benefit of $4,000. You can still purchase PIP even if you already have a disability policy but only as long as the total coverage does not exceed the monthly benefit maximum of $4,000.

There are also a variety of benefits built-in to PIP including Total Disability Benefit, Partial Disability Benefit, Recurrent Disability, Concurrent Disability, Renewability, and Waiver of Premium

PIP plans are flexible, which allow them to fit a wide range of budgets, but most importantly, your budget.

Call an Avery Hall agent near you, today, to protect you from losing dozens of paychecks and thousands of dollars due to a disability.

Please note that PIP is a Disability Insurance product of Mutual of Omaha. Avery Hall offers several other products that are similar to PIP and will assist you in selecting the product right for you.

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