What is Classic Car Insurance?

what is classic car insurance

Classic car insurance is a great way to protect all the work you have invested into maintaining your special car. A special car deserves specialized insurance coverage. This is where classic car insurance steps in to help.

What are the requirements of classic car insurance?

Classic car requirements can vary from state to state, but it typically requires that your vehicle be appropriately stored; this can include a garage, storage unit, carport, etc. Your classic car also should be for occasional use only. It cannot be a daily driver. Weekend trips, exhibitions, tours, and any other occasional use is acceptable.

What does it cover?

Classic car insurance is very similar to regular car insurance. It can cover:

  • Damage to your vehicle. Classic Car Insurance provides comprehensive and collision coverage. It also covers your car’s agreed value, meaning that you’ll receive its insured value if it was stolen or totaled. There is no depreciation if there is a claim like regular insurance.
  • Damage and injuries to others in the case that you cause an accident. Liability coverage is usually required by state law. 
  • Roadside assistance and towing coverage is typically offered to you by your insurer.

Why should you consider classic car insurance? 

Classic car insurance is a great way to protect what you have worked hard for. Classic car insurance can be more affordable and have lower deductibles. A unique aspect of classic car insurance is that it is based on agreed value, not stated value. This means you will not have to sweat about depreciation if there is a claim.

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