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What Does the Best Wedding Insurance Cover?

You have spent, perhaps even years, planning this special. The last thing you want is for your dozens of hours spent on tours, at taste tests, meetings, picking out rings, and deciding the perfect venue, menu, and décor to go to waste. We recognize the thought you have put into every little detail to your wedding, but it is critical you do not look over those regarding insurance.

What will you need in a wedding insurance policy to ensure the best day ever?

The ultimate wedding insurance policy would cover the following:

  • Special Attire– Everyone knows that the moment a bride finds “the” gown is when things become real! Your wedding dress is the centerpiece of every photo and memory of your big day. A Special Attire policy will help cover costs if any bridal party member’s attire and accessories are lost, damaged, or stolen before the wedding day.
  • Lost Deposits– In a COVID world, it is hard to know if and when a local shop or vendor may close its doors. Having Lost Deposits coverage can help to refund your deposits should your florist, DJ, or any other vendor go out of business.
  • Rings– Your wedding bands are the symbol of your love that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. However, those tiny symbols are a significant investment. You should protect something that valuable!
  • Severe Weather– Weather is always a top concern for brides and grooms because it is the one thing you can’t control on your big day. Alleviate some stress and grant yourself some comfort by know you have a severe weather policy that will help cover any last-minute costs to adapt your wedding plans due to extreme weather such as rain or snow.
  • Photos– Photos are what allow you to relive every little moment and detail from your big day. They are what captures those priceless smiles, laughs, and once-in-a-lifetime memories. Having photo coverage can help cover costs to recreate those moments should your photos or videos be damaged, lost, or stolen after your wedding day.
  • Call to Duty– If the bride or groom gets called to serve, having a Call to Duty policy will help cover the costs of postponing the wedding.
  • Gifts– Gifts are exciting for both the guests and the wedding couple. We know you spent hours building your wedding registry and guests have just as much fun showering you with love and generosity. Gift coverage will provide security to both the couple and guests by replacing or repairing any lost, stolen or damaged gifts.
  • Personal Liability– Wedding venues often require personal liability insurance. It is one of the essential elements of a wedding policy as it helps protect you in the event of any injury or property damage that occurs during your event. These injuries can be things as small as a trip or guests getting a little too rowdy.
  • Liquor Liability– Liquor Liability comes into play should someone under the influence cause any of the previously mentioned injuries.

You have spent years dreaming of this day, so let our trusted agents help you find the ultimate insurance policy for your ultimate wedding day! Start by requesting your free Avery Hall Insurance quote online today!

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