What Does Cyber Liability Insurance Not Cover?

what does cyber liability not cover

1 in 2 American internet users had their accounts breached in 2021. Yet only 1 in 10 American organizations have insurance against cyber-attacks. This is where cyber liability insurance can step in to help you.

First, what is cyber liability insurance?

Cyber liability insurance provides businesses with financial protection against computer-related crimes and losses. This can include targeted attacks such as malware and phishing as well as accidental attacks like misplacing a laptop with confidential information.

What does cyber liability insurance not cover?

Like many other insurance policies, cyber liability insurance has exclusions. Such as:

  • Possible profit loss in the future
  • Physical damage to the insureds personal property
  • Upgrades to internal technology systems
  • Loss of value due to IP theft

Cyber liability insurance cost

The cost of cyber liability insurance depends on numerous factors. Some of those include:

Revenue is one of the biggest factors in determining cyber liability costs. A company with bigger revenue will need more coverage than smaller companies.

Customer Base is another major factor in determining cyber liability cost. If your business has a large customer base, then you are likely to face a greater financial loss in the case of a cyber-attack. Although, any business that stores customer data will have a risk of cyber-attack.

Industry of what business you are in affects the cost of cyber liability insurance. If your company has a payment processer, then you are inherently more at risk.

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