What are a few essentials to consider when RV Camping?

Vacationing in an RV brings about a whole new set of things to think about before setting off on your trip. It is not like staying in a hotel or rental house where all the amenities of home are readily available. Every campground is different and depending on your RV, and what you plan to bring along, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

First, always check the website of the campground, or call the office, to check what amenities each site offers. If you are staying in an RV that has a bathroom and kitchen, then you most likely will want full water and sewer hooks ups on your site. However, not all campgrounds will offer these and therefore would take more planning on your part to fill your water tanks, or empty the sewer trip. Don’t let this be a turn off for a campground, but simply a box to check before you choose a ground so you can prepare correctly.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the campground has bathhouses or a laundry facility that are available to the public. If you plan on staying for a longer time, it is nice to be able to wash your clothes and towels, or at least have the option in case something happens. These amenities also let you pack less, which helps save space in your car or RV.

If you plan on bringing your pet, be sure to check the policies of the campground beforehand. Most campgrounds have rules such as always keeping dogs on leashes or even areas that are off-limits to pets. Some campsites also have restrictions on the kinds of pets you are allowed to bring or even the breed of dog. It is always good to check these things out beforehand to avoid these issues upon arrival at the campsite.

Lastly, remember to call your local Delmarva Avery Hall Insurance office before heading out to make sure that your RV is fully covered!

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