The Best Benefits to Offer Your Employees

We are all familiar with the phrase, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Every business and organization wants to be successful, and having the best employees possible is vital to achieving that. The type of employee benefits package you offer to your employees is one of the largest deciding factors for the most in-demand workers.

Offering a quality and strategic benefits package is a cost-effective way of targeting and attracting the right job candidates for your business or organization. Not only will it help attract them, but it will also encourage them to stay. Many of today’s workers are willing to accept a lower salary for a more competitive benefits package.

Employee benefits also help to boost employee productivity in the workplace. By providing access to a variety of coverage, workers can be proactive in managing their health.  Having healthy employees means less sick days used! These healthy, happy, and satisfied employees will build a more efficient and productive team and create an unstoppable work environment.

So, what should you include in your employee benefits package to give it that competitive edge?

  • It is no surprise- the number one employee benefit workers are looking for is health coverage. Health coverage is the foundation for a quality employee benefits program.
  • Your workers are people, and everyone needs time to take a brain break and refresh. Offering vacation days and paid time off, including holidays, will allow your employees to unwind and ensure they are taking care of themselves and their mental well-being. Another trend is paid volunteer time off. Depending on your organization’s mission and culture, this may be a benefit that well suits your employees’ personalities.
  • Don’t let your business fall behind and use practices of the past. Organizations all across the globe have enhanced their paid maternity and paternity leave programs. This time off is one of the most coveted benefits.
  • Having certainty about their future will relieve some financial stress for your employees. Offering a pension plan can help to retain your employees.
  • We all know those little furry friends are more than just pets; they are members of the family. Show that understanding by helping employees treat their pets as such by offering pet health insurance
  • Routine dental and vision appointments are essential to good well-being and health. These appointments can help detect larger medical issues. Providing dental/vision insurance is a great way to show employees how much you care.

Let Avery Hall help you to spend less time navigating the overwhelming world of group benefits and more time focusing on your business. We can’t help you with all the benefits we have outlined here, but we can certainly help you with quite a few!  Call Avery Hall Insurance in Easton or Salisbury, today!

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