Summer Boating Checklist

summer boat

Summer is the prime time for many fun activities with one of the most prevalent being, boating. Thousands of people every year break out their boats during the summer months for a cruise on the water. If you fancy yourself a captain, a first mate, or just someone along for the ride, there are lots of things you can do to ensure that you and everyone on the boat stays safe during your time on the open water.

1. Check your boat before heading out

Before heading out on the water, it’s important to check your boat for a number of things. Check fuel levels to make sure you can get to and from your destination. Check your engine for leaks or excess water. Make sure all lights work and are in the correct place. Test your radio and communication devices. You should also check the weather and boating forecasts to ensure it is safe for a boat trip. Also, attach your keys to a floating bobber so that you don’t get stranded in case they fall overboard.

2. What to Bring

There are certain things that you should have for every boating excursion. Your boat certificate and registration are a must. You should also have a flotation device for each passenger and a fully stocked emergency kit. And if you have a towing policy, make sure you bring that paperwork as well.

3. Safety Tips on the Water
In order to stay safe, you need the help of everyone onboard. Make sure children always wear their flotation devices. Never consume alcohol prior to or during an outing if you are the primary or backup operator and make sure that you do not exceed the passenger limit for your vessel.

Let Avery Hall Insurance Group be a part of your water safety crew. We have the answers to your boating insurance questions and can help you sail off to a summer of fun and safety.

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