July 4th Fireworks Safety Tips


The Fourth of July is fast approaching and with that fireworks use, will be prevalent. Unfortunately, with this great American tradition comes a tremendous amount of danger. Thousands are injured every year in fireworks-related incidents. With that in mind, here are some things you should keep in mind throughout this holiday weekend.

1. Sparklers burn at almost 2000?F, that’s hot enough to melt some metals. Always make sure sparklers are held away from clothing and do not drop them until they stop burning completely.

2. Bottle rockets should NEVER be shot in the direction of anyone. Supervise your children while they use these fireworks to ensure that they are not having “bottle rocket wars,” an extremely dangerous activity.

3. Make sure you use clear areas for firecrackers. Setting off firecrackers (which explode on the ground) in an area filled with debris or dry brush is a great way to start a fire. Also be sure to back away to a safe distance after lighting the fuse.

4. Completely avoid M-Class fireworks. They are not produced with any controls for quality and are illegal.

5. Always light your fireworks outside and away from people, houses, and flammable materials.

6. If your fireworks malfunction or don’t go off, do NOT try to relight them.

7. The proper way to discard unused fireworks is to soak them in water for a few hours. This ensures that they will not be set off by any sparks during the process of discarding them. After soaking them in water, it is okay to throw them away.

Above all, be smart and safe during your Independence Day celebrations this year. And as always, Avery Hall Insurance Group is awaiting your call to insure your summer.

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