Is the trailer I pull covered by my auto insurance?

When you’re gearing up for your next family vacation or helping a friend move, you’re probably more worried about loading up your trailer and getting to your next destination. After all the preparation, loading up, and tying things down with bungee cords, your primary concern is that stuff doesn’t fall out during your journey. It’s important, though, that you don’t neglect the concern of insurance coverage for the trailer. No matter how much of a self-proclaimed expert you may be, there is always a risk of an accident; especially, when you have additional items attached to your vehicle.

So, is the trailer you pull covered by your auto insurance? It may seem like we say this often, but it simply depends on your policy. There are multiple factors to be considered in determining the coverage that extends to a trailer you’re pulling.

First, is the trailer yours? If you are borrowing a friend’s trailer and get into a fender bender or accident, some liability insurance you have may kick in. Once again, this is dependent on your policy and coverage. Pulling your personal trailer will likely provide you greater coverage from an auto insurance policy. Warning! If you are renting a trailer, the odds of your policy covering it are incredibly minimal. There are policy opportunities available for rental trailer use. Most companies have a policy that should extend some protection to you.

The tricky thing about auto insurance and trailer coverage is that it can vary from state to state. Another thing to note is that if you are in an accident while pulling a trailer, your auto insurance may only cover damages to the trailer itself, not the contents.

The second factor that comes into play is the type of trailer. Some auto insurance policies have boundaries on the types of trailers that qualify for coverage and the kind that require their own policy.

Moral of the story: each policy is different! Assuming your auto insurance groups in your trailer could be a costly mistake. Therefore, you must read through and understand the details of your auto insurance policy. Having this knowledge will allow you to move forward correctly when purchasing an additional policy that may extend full coverage to your trailer and its contents. Such coverages may include an actual trailer policy or a collision coverage policy.

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