How to buy renters insurance- the right way

More people ever before are choosing to rent their homes rather than buy. You can save money by renting your home, and it can be more convenient. However, if an incident does happen, you are responsible for the costs of any lost or damaged items, or any medical bills for someone injured in your home. That’s where renter’s insurance can protect you.

Make an inventory

It is crucial you know the value of the items in your house. This includes anything from the abstract painting hanging in your bathroom, to the leather couch in your basement. In the case of a fire or break-in, you will want to have adequate coverage to replace your belongings.

It is recommended that you take many pictures or videos to document your inventory. Sometimes you may have difficult-to-replace items. Your policy may not entirely match these.

Compare different policies

Once you’ve made a complete inventory of your items, it is time to look around and compare different policies. Make sure you find one that suits your needs while still staying in your budget. Remember, the more valuable your inventory is, the higher your premium will be. Also, consider your deductible, the amount you’ll have to pay before your policy takes care of the rest. When you feel confident in knowing what you need in a policy, you can get a quote.

Now, you’re protected! Renters insurance will cover you for many things such as a fire or tornado, but remember, it will not cover floods. You’ll have to purchase a separate policy for that.

Enjoy the convenience of renting while staying protected too. Contact us today to learn more about renter’s insurance or call us at (410)-742-5111

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