How Much Does Special Event Insurance Cost?

You may be working hard to plan a special event. Maybe this is a fundraiser or a large conference for your company. Regardless of what the event is, you might want to consider purchasing special event insurance.

Special event insurance is a policy that can protect you from any liabilities that can come with hosting an event outside of work. Liability coverage is always a good idea, especially if you are hosting a large event with many attendees and vendors.

Special event insurance can cover scenarios such as

  1. On-site injuries
  2. Alcohol caused accidents
  3. Some policies will cover the cancellation of the event, or a vendor cancellation.

These are all common occurrences, and without the protection from insurance, they can leave you stressed and financially burdened.

How much does special event insurance cost?

When you’ve already spent a significant amount of money on your event, you may be reluctant to purchase insurance. However, the cost isn’t too steep, and the value is priceless. Typically, the price will be $195.00 for a one-day event. However, depending on the number of attendees and type of event, this can vary.

Before purchasing, it’s always a good idea to look at your current insurance policies. Sometimes, your general liability policy can cover the event. Also, if you are hosting the event at your own home, your homeowner’s policy might do the same.

You also want to be sure to read the venue’s rental agreement. Many times, a proof of insurance is required before renting.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Give us a call to learn more about special event insurance today. We’d love to help!

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