How Do I Know If I Have Had a Breach?

For businesses that hold onto their customers’ personal information, the risk of a data breach is a significant concern. Data breaches are a concern because losing that sensitive information will likely lead to you losing your customers’ trust and business. Beyond that, you, as a company, are held responsible.

Before moving forward on how to know when a data breach has occurred, it is essential to clarify what exactly a data breach is. A data breach is any instance in which there is a chance customer data was exposed. A data breach is often confused for identity theft; however, the two are very different. The key difference between the two is that a data breach must occur, first, for identity theft to happen. Identity theft is when any illegal activity, such as purchases or fraud, are committed using the exposed data.

So, how do you know when a data breach has occurred? A security software works a lot like your bank or credit card company. It notifies you when it detects suspicious activity.  As a business, you should prioritize having a quality security software that can alert you promptly. Sometimes software doesn’t work, so, you may receive data breach notification from those directly impacted or law enforcement.

There are a few ways your business can avoid getting those angry customer calls. First, make sure your business has trustworthy security software. Having a reliable software can assist you in taking early response action. Second, get a quality Cyber Liability Insurance (CLI) policy. CLI coverage can aid in hefty data breach response costs. Lastly, complete thorough employee training. As a business, it is your responsibility to teach employees on appropriate and safe work communication and practices. Doing so can ensure your staff doesn’t engage in activities that could potentially expose any sensitive data. An example of these activities could be working with confidential customer information while at home on an unsecured network.

There is no anticipation of data breach risks decreasing. So, create a plan to ensure your business is putting forth all efforts to protect your customers’ data and, potentially, their identities.

Contacting Avery Hall Insurance experts is a great way to start. Our agents can help you find a CLI plan perfect for your business.

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