Feeling like a burden on your family as you Age?

As you age, trips to the doctor become more frequent, and without supplemental insurance and drug plans, they can become quite costly. Although supplemental insurance does not cover all costs, it does cover a significant portion of it and is beneficial to have for yourself and your family. Our team at Avery Hall is here to help you and your family choose which plan is right for you! Having an extra insurance plan will leave you and your family with peace of mind. We often see how fast medical bills can pile up- with every trip to the mailbox, we are reminded. Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Prescription Drug Plans will reduce these stressful reminders. It is especially hard to face these costs when someone else is responsible for your extra medical expenses, whether it be your kids or grandkid. Why burden your children and/or grandchildren with these outrageous medical costs?

Ambulance fees, doctor’s fees, injectable drugs, and even physical therapy are all included in your Original Medicare Plan, but several copays and deductibles are not included. Supplemental Plans are simple and easy to qualify for- we cannot stress the importance of this enough. We are here to inform you and help you make the best insurance coverage decision that best fits your needs. A little extra coverage never hurt anyone. Your family will thank you, as both your wallets and peace of mind will be relieved. Call now to speak to an Avery Hall team member to help navigate all the different parts of Medicare. Contact Alyssa Sinagra (Salisbury) at 410-742-5111 and Cynthia Asche Hardin (Easton) at 410-822-7300 today.   Plans are available to clients in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Florida.

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