Does Wedding Insurance Cover Photography?

does wedding insurance cover photography

A wedding is a massive event for the happy couple and the many people involved in making it happen. Finding a good wedding photographer is a key part of capturing the memories of the day. But who is responsible for taking care of the photographer’s insurance?

Will wedding insurance cover photography?

Generally, wedding insurance will usually cover the venue, extreme weather, and attire. However, there are many additional coverage options, including photography protection. This would cover the cost of retaking photographs if the photographer fails to show up or if images are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Will my wedding photographer need their own insurance?

Yes, most venues require that the photographer carry insurance. There are typically two types of coverages a photographer can consider: annual small business insurance and special event insurance. Both plans cover general liability, which means they would be protected in the case of third-party bodily injury and property damage. They also can cover the cost of their equipment. The key difference is that small business insurance is year-round coverage, while special event insurance would just cover the length of your event.

Can my photographer get one-day wedding photography insurance?

Yes, your photographer can be insured for one day. One-day photography insurance is great for amateur or hobby photographers. One-day photography insurance allows them to stay protected without investing in a year-long policy.

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