Do I really need an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Rain. Some people embrace it, others of us release a heavy sigh when we see it splashing our window in the morning. We push through the urge to stay cuddled beneath our blankets, put on our rain jackets, and face the day. Sometimes, that rain is more than just a shower. It’s a downpour, and we need our umbrella. A speed walk from the car to the office isn’t fast enough to prevent everything in your bag from getting wet. Having that extra protection will ensure that the big presentation you’ve been working on doesn’t get ruined.

Our rain jacket is like a traditional insurance policy. We keep it in our closet and use it when needed. They are basic, clothing essentials you own so you’re prepared when/if there is an unexpected rain shower. Our umbrella represents an umbrella insurance policy.

An umbrella insurance policy is an additional layer of personal liability protection. This type of insurance policy is designed to go beyond the limits of your current insurance coverage. It is a way to take responsibility for any damage you may cause.

Having an umbrella insurance policy means you may have extra security if you have exhausted your other policy coverages. Umbrella insurance policies can also extend coverage to claims that may not be covered by regular home, auto, or boater’s insurance. Such claims may include judgments against you or a family member and significant liability damages.

We recommend umbrella insurance policies for anyone with any assets, small or large. An umbrella policy can cover an accident where you or a family member may be liable. For example, if someone slips on a boat during a group afternoon outing, if the kids get in a four-wheeling accident during the neighborhood summer BBQ, or if you’re at fault for a car accident.

Just like your rain umbrella protects that big presentation for work, an umbrella insurance policy can protect your significant life savings.

When you purchase an umbrella insurance policy, you are purchasing more than additional liability coverage. You are buying yourself peace of mind.

The truth is, you can’t always blame the rain. You must take responsibility.

Are you still unsure about whether you need an umbrella policy? Call our experts at Avery Hall Insurance. They are ready to help you find the umbrella policy right for you. Not only do we care about you, we care about those big work presentations to.

Call your local Avery Hall office to learn more today.

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