Do I need insurance for my small farm?

You may not consider farming to be your full-time job, especially if you have a smaller farm. Therefore, the thought of insuring your farm may have never crossed your mind. Here at Avery Hall Insurance Group, we always encourage you to protect your most valuable assets. We understand insurance can be complicated, especially if you are unsure if you need it.

So, does your small farm need to be insured?

Your homeowner’s policy may cover some of your farm.

If your farm is simply a hobby, and you are not generating profit, your homeowner’s policy could cover some of your farm activities. It is essential to know that the coverage may not be adequate.

If you are farming for a profit, you may need a hobby farm policy.

If you need more coverage than your homeowner’s policy can provide, and you are making money, you may need a hobby farm policy. This is because most homeowner’s policies do not include business activities.

Consider the assets of your farm.

Do you have farm animals? Extra farm structures? Equipment? The loss of either could be detrimental to you, and just your homeowner’s policy cannot protect you.  You may even need multiple kinds of policies, depending on your situation.

Your policy may change.

If in the future, you decide to take on farming full-time, you will need farm insurance. Each farm and its needs are different, so a basic policy may not suit you. Everything must be taken into consideration.

We understand how complicated insurance can be, and small farm insurance is no exception. If you’re still unsure if it is necessary for you, our agents can help. Give us a call to set up an on-site visit today!

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