Do I Need Insurance for a Farmer’s Market?

farmers market insurance

Farmer’s Markets are fun places to support local vendors and buy fresh fruit and vegetables. However, many do not realize the unique risks that a farmer’s market has.

What does insurance for a farmers market cover?

Insurance for farmers’ markets is typically event insurance and is often required for vendors to sell at a farmer’s market. Insurance typically covers:

  • Third-party bodily injury. For example, this would help cover the costs if a customer slipped and fell and incurred medical bills.
  • Illnesses caused by food or beverage products
  • Damage to equipment used at farmers’ market
  • Damage to rented premises and other people’s property.

How much does insurance for a farmer’s market cost? 

Insurance for a farmers market is not one size fits all. Your rate can depend on several factors, including the kind of work you do, where the event is held and how many people will be attending the market. Premium will be calculated accordingly and may be included in your Farm Insurance Policy, these rates are determined based on your individual operations.  Since no two are the same, a definitive premium cannot be determined.

Do I need insurance for a farmers market? 

Getting insurance for your upcoming farmers market is a great way to prevent yourself from paying hefty costs. You are liable for any damages or injuries that occur due to the operations of your business, and without insurance, you’d be left paying all the bills. For example, if a customer ate something you sold them and got sick, you’d be expected to pay for their medical bills. Or what if a customer slips and falls at your booth, resulting in injuries? You would be held responsible and have to pay.

This is where we at Avery Hall can step in to help. We offer comprehensive and affordable plans that cater to your needs. Whether it be for a one-day event or months out of the year, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at 410-742-5111 for a free quote.

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