COVID-19 Resources for Farmers


The Coronavirus pandemic has caused uncertainty and hardship for many different industries, including the agricultural industry. To assist farmers in understanding how the pandemic impacts their situation, and what they can do to protect their farms, we have compiled this list of resources to make their information search a little bit easier.

USDA’s page for Frequently Asked Questions

Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit’s page on changes in their banking policies and procedures due to the pandemic

University of Maryland’s advice on how to prepare your farm for COVID-19

AAAP explaining certain aspects of the Coronavirus and its presence on a farm

Essential Food and Agricultural Independent Contractor Work Permit

Essential Food and Agricultural Employee Work Permit

Delaware Form for Farm Contractors

Apply for the American Farmland Trusts’ Farm Relief Fund

Articles on how to maintain food safety from Virginia Tech

COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide

Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 for Farmers

Pandemic Adjustment Loan Fund Program (PALFP)

SBA’s Coronavirus Relief Options

Rural Development COVID-19 Response

USDA measures to help rural businesses, residents, and communities affected by COVID-19

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) Info

MARBIDCO Pandemic Adjustment Equipment Grant Fund

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Infographic for Dairy Farmers

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Infographic for Beef Farmers

If you have questions about your insurance coverage for your farm, please contact an Avery Hall agent today.

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