Can I Buy Medicare Supplemental Insurance at any time?

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment is a one-time window during which you can enroll in any Medicare Supplement policy. You will not have to answer any medical questions. Here at Avery Hall, we will not turn you down during your personal Medigap open enrollment period. However, this period lasts for only six months, so be sure not to miss it unless you have other creditable coverage. Missing this Medigap open enrollment period (OEP) can have lifelong consequences in the form of higher premiums and limited coverage options. It is essential to know that your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period is not the same as the open enrollment period that happens each fall, which is a common source of confusion. Open Enrollment dates for Medicare supplements vary for each person.

  • Only occurs once for most people. It is not annual.
  • Last for six months, and then it is gone.
  • Once it is gone, you must answer health questions to change plans in most states.
  • People on Medicare under age 65 will get a rare second open enrollment for Medicare supplement later when they turn 65

So, if you do not take advantage of your Medigap open enrollment window, you could find later on that you can’t medically qualify for a policy. Call or visit Avery Hall’s website to learn more about your personal enrollment time. We offer many different plans suitable for your needs. Contact Alyssa Singra (Salisbury) and Cynthia Asche Hardin (Easton) of Avery Hall today at (410) 742-5111. Plans available to clients in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

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