Business Coverage Concerns Amid COVID-19


We are closely following the Coronavirus pandemic and its presence in the United States. We believe that communication with our clients is more critical now than ever, and would like to provide some points of clarity for our business owner clients amidst this uncertain and challenging situation. We specifically want to address some of the questions we have received an influx of recently regarding coverage for COVID-19.

Your Commercial Package Policy or Business Owners Policy may include Property coverage, and often Business Income and Extra Expense as well. Seventy-two hours after an event of direct physical loss or damage to property on the disclosed location in the policy agreement, this coverage will kick in. Most policies contain a standard exclusion for loss due to viruses or bacteria and again it must be caused by direct physical loss or damage caused by a covered peril.

Your General Liability coverage is triggered by bodily injury, sickness, or diseases sustained by a person as defined by policy conditions. However, circumstances vary from situation to situation, and all claims are unique.

Workers Compensation coverage is only active on bodily injury and disease that is directly caused by employment conditions. Ordinary diseases of life are not covered.

This situation is one that is evolving daily. We are in uncharted territory with COVID-19. It is vital that you have an open line of communication with the Avery Hall Claims department and that all claims get reported. Your insurance carrier will review the individual circumstances of each claim submission.

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