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A Guide to Dental and Vision Insurance for Seniors

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Aging is rarely associated with being fun or easy. Much of that resentment is towards the dozens of medical considerations one must make. Everything seems to get more complicated; especially, when throwing things like Medicare or retirement into the mix.

Dental and Vision are two of the most basic and essential coverages, and as we get older, they both become even more critical needs and harder to obtain. Here are some ways you or a senior loved one can ensure their Dental and Vision coverage needs get met.

The first and most important thing to clarify is that Medicare does not cover routine dental and vision services or supply needs. Meaning you would have to pay out-of-pocket and in full for procedures such as cleanings, fillings, extractions, dentures, eye exams, eye fittings, and any eyeglasses or contacts.

Only in the case of an emergency or complicated dental procedures which must get completed at a hospital will Medicare Part A *maybe* cover dental care services. The same goes for Vision. Medicare will cover some vision services but only if they are medically necessary. Such requirements include having Glaucoma, brown freckles, cataracts, diabetes, or being on any medications that would need you to get your eyes checked semi-regularly.

We know this isn’t sounding great. You’re probably wondering,

“How can I avoid paying 100% for non-covered dental and vision services?”

There are a few Medicare Advantage Plans (check out this blog for more information on individual parts) that extend benefits to cover things like vision, dental, or even hearing.

A second option is to purchase a dental or vision insurance policy outside of Medicare. There are dozens of options and plans out there. One way to make this process easier is to work with an independent agent like Avery Hall. We offer various carriers and plans from Delta, Mutual of Omaha, CareFirst, VSP to HMOs and PPOs. You can purchase these policies and plans at any time throughout the year (a major difference from Medicare coverage).

Contact your local agent for guidance on how to navigate retired life or the world of Medicare! We can give you a personalized experience finding a personalized insurance policy.

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